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Spanglish provides virtual personalized English classes to low-income students ages 7 to 18 years from Peru through the help of college and high school volunteers.

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Our Motto: Educate. Engage. Empower

First and foremost, Spanglish aspires to bridge educational gaps and address academic inequities faced by our students by supplementing their educational needs in useful and enjoyable manner. We hope to engage our students with not only the English language but also with each other and their tutors, fostering a sense of mentorship and community. Finally, our aim is to empower our students’ futures by providing them with the tools necessary to achieve their academic, career, and personal goals.

The values of Spanglish

We believe in…

Advocating for educational equity

Respecting cultures and embracing diversity

Fostering mentorship

Promoting academic agency

Learning from one another

Striving for continual improvement

The History of Spanglish Tutoring

Spanglish co-founder Valeria Leon found inspiration for Spanglish while working with underserved communities in Lima, Peru. There, she collaborated directly with members of the community to address their unique needs ranging from academic resources to infrastructure to skill-building. She spoke to parents who aspired for their children to receive affordable English classes so that they could be more successful in their future careers. Then, when the global COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Valeria returned from college to her hometown and witnessed her community in greater need than ever before with an overwhelming number of school-aged children in Peru unable to continue their education online due to the pandemic. Using the connections she made with the Latine community at the University of Southern California, Valeria was able to create Spanglish in June 2020 alongside her sister Daniella Leon and her fellow USC classmates Yocelyn Pina and Carol Alata.

March 2020

Pandemic hits Peru

June 2020

Spanglish founded

August 2020

First day of classes ever

Empowering Education: Our Impact

3500+ Hours of Classes

100+ Students

100% of Parents Recommend Spanglish

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